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Account Recovery

Hey bud!

So you lost your phone, had to factory reset your device or by some other means lost access to your Bud Farm progress? We can recover it for you, but we'll need some key pieces of information to make it happen!

Ideally, we'll need two pieces of information to locate your old account:

  • Your Budbook ID 
  • Your old Device ID#

To find your device's unique ID#, launch Pot Farm and tap the license plate on the van in the loading screen several times.  A window will pop up with your Device ID#, which you can screenshot and send to us!  If you miss your chance to tap on the license plate, you can also find this number at the bottom of your in-game Settings Menu.

Your Budbook ID is the name you entered in Budbook when you started selling in the Dispensary and using Floydslist. 

If you don't have any of this information, you can also send a copy of a Google Play receipt you received after making a purchase in our game. We'll specifically need to see a GPA transaction ID# so we can locate your purchase in our system.

Alternatively, to restore your progress yourself, ensure your original game is connected to Facebook. You can connect your new game to that same account and complete the tutorial to restore your progress!

Once you have all the above information together, you're ready to get in touch! You can go here to submit a support request to our team.

Thanks for playing Pot Farm and have the dopest day! 

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