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Account Recovery

So you lost your phone, had to factory reset your device, or by some other means lost access to your farm? Don't worry! No matter what happens, we always keep your game data safe and stored on our servers.

First try using Floydbot to restore your own game. To do that, go to https://grassroots.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and click or tap on the image of Floyd at the bottom right of the page. Select Start Chat, then Find Old Farm and then answer all of the questions that follow. After that your account should be restored.


If you do not have your User ID or Budbook ID from your old game please instead fill in those fields with whatever information you have including:

  • 1) Any GPA receipt numbers Google Play would have sent after making any in-app purchases OR
    2) Your Facebook ID
    To get your Facebook ID:
    - You must use a web browser (not app on your phone)
    - Open Facebook
    - Click on the drop down arrow at the top right, then Settings & Privacy
    - Click on "Settings" in that drop down
    - Go to "Apps and Websites" (left menu)
    - Find the game and then click on "View and Edit"
    - Scroll to the very bottom, in plain text it provides your User ID and a button to copy it.​​
    - Click the button to Copy the ID


Please note that because Pot Farm (Android) and Bud Farm (iOS) are separate games, we are not able to transfer progress between platforms.