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Client update 1.19.2

Started rolling out to users on October 23rd.

New Features

  • Ganja Chests! Open a chest to get multiple items! Possibilities include coins, resources, Gizmo cards and workers (of all qualities). Open a free chest every 4 hours, or purchase higher quality chests for Pot Bucks.
    NOTE: Chronic Crates have been removed as Ganja Chests are a better value with more rewards.
  • Gizmo upgrades! Upgrade your various gizmos to get benefits such as decreased time or increased production, or both!
  • Unlock new Gizmos with coins once you have the minimum number of cards needed.
  • Gizmo storage! Once you've unlocked a new Gizmo you can place it on your farm. You can also store a Gizmo if you don't plan on using it and want to free up some space.
  • Limited Time Store now sells Gizmo cards. Due to this change and the value of Gizmo cards, refreshing the items available now costs Pot Bucks instead of coins.
  • Tool-tip system! Many items now feature a pop-up tool-tip when you tap on them. Try it out!
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