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1.28 - Emerald Pots, Duplication Prevention and more

Started rolling out to users Mar 4th / 2020

(Updated Mar 11/2020)

For this update a new grow-op feature is coming! Emerald Pots. More details coming soon later in March.

Along with this new feature, we've focused on improving the back-end code to help with further stabilizing the game. We've also implemented additional tools to assist developers in further supporting our players. 

  • NEW! The grow-op is getting greener with Emerald Pots!

  • Screen Size optimizations. Game will now center on taller & notched displays

  • Chest content preview is now faster

  • Karma reward duplication prevention added

  • Facebook connection in settings is now clear

  • Updated to 64-bit for Android

  • Stability optimizations

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Known Issues:

Some bugs/issues have been noted for this version and we are investigating. 

- Extreme slowness on some devices (Android)

- Pasture in farm view incorrectly shows workers. This bug is visual and does not affect the workers in the pasture creating goods. (iOS)

- Karma actions are not visually counted in the Karma action screen. These actions are correctly being counted invisibly so karma points can still be gained. (iOS & Android)

- Emerald Pots will be activated when the update is fully out to all users and major game issues are resolved. 


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