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1.27.8 - Hotfix - Offer rewards, Screen zooming, and other fixes

Rolling out to users Nov 15th / 2019

This hotfix focuses on bug fixes. Screen-tapping normally for zooming caused many players to crash, or become unresponsive; this has been fixed. We've also addressed an issue where some players were able to obtain unintended rewards from ad's and other reward areas. This was also a problem with the "Additional Offers" area not properly distributing rewards to players.

- Screen zooming will now no longer crash or freeze devices.

- Fixed issue where users would sometimes receive more rewards than intended.

- Rewards from "Additional Offers" section should now correctly provide rewards.

- Users should no longer see reward dialogs for zero-quantity rewards.

- Addressed laggy touch responses on some devices.

- Miscellaneous game optimizations.