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Client update 1.26.0

Release Date: Started rolling out to users on April 11th / 2019 


Update Notes:

Various performance improvements

Dispensary, Job Board & Garage combined

-- NEW! Combined to help free up space on farm and provide more consistent gameplay flow
-- NEW! Top tab menu when in the Dispensary
-- Vehicle Bonuses are still available and accessible from the Bonus tab in Dispensary
-- MOVED! Job board "ready" checkmark(s) moved to the bottom right of the dispensary




Accessing the job board

Option 1: Tap on the Van/Vehicle
Option 2: Tap on the check mark bottom right of the dispensary
Option 3: Tap on Dispensary and tap the "Job Board" tab.


Accessing the Vehicle Bonuses

Tap on the Dispensary then tap on the "Bonus" tab. 


Accessing the Extra space in Front of your Growup ... Priceless




BudFarm: 420 button added

Check out the party happening over at BudFarm: 420.The newest addition to the Bud Farm universe!

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