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What are SLACKERS? How do I get them, and how do I use them?

Hey farmer!

We hope you haven't been confused by the "Slacker" feature in Pot Farm: Grass Roots! In short, it's is an awesome new way to make use of your workers, and we'd be happy to explain how to make the most of it.

When a new worker shows up at your bus stop, you will still want to satisfy all of their requirements in order to keep them happy and convince them to stay on your farm. Once that's done, however, you can do more than just put them to work on your land!

As you see above, you now have several options once you've finished a worker's tasks. Like before, you can put them to work in their specific contraption, OR, you can move them to the middle spot which will put them onto your farm as a SLACKER. 

Just like a decoration, you can place a slacker on pretty much any open spot on your farm! Once they're there, they'll do what slackers do best: hang around and smoke weed. After a set time, each slacker will be surrounded by a weed cloud that you can POP by touching it, which will earn you free coins. Then they'll start smoking all over again, and the process repeats! How cool is that? And any time you want to free up space on your farm, you can click and hold a slacker and give them the BOOT. :) 

For every worker you choose to help, you'll see a little green Population bar fill up. Once you fill the bar all the way up, you'll earn a NEW slacker spot on your farm, which will let you earn even more coins from slackers. For now, you can upgrade to have as many as 13 slackers on your farm, but we're always keen to add more in the future!

We hope this helps clear things up, farmer. Enjoy the new Slackers feature, and click below to let us know if this tutorial helped you!


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