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What are GIZMOS? How do I unlock, upgrade, and store them?

Gizmos are decorations for your farm that function like Repeaters and Weedsmiths, working to produce hash and other edibles. They are unlocked at level 10!


NOTE: If a quest or contest action says "harvest X from contraptions", harvesting that product from a gizmo will not count! Contraptions are the regular, permanent buildings -- The Dairy, Mill, Pasture, and Bakery. 

Gizmos will unlock when you earn the minimum number of cards needed. Collect Gizmo cards by:

  • Opening Ganja Chests
  • Purchasing them from the Limited Time Store
  • Completing Limited Time Quests
  • Competing in Karma contests


You can move Gizmos around to the location of your choice, and even store them if you'd like to clear up some space on your farm!

To retrieve a Gizmo, just tap the half-gear, half-leaf icon gizmo_icon.png to open up the Gizmo storage panel. From here, you can cycle through to see all of the Gizmos, and decide which one(s) to place. When you're ready to store a Gizmo, just tap on the Gizmo and use the same icon half-gear icon (beside the check-mark) to place it in storage.

When you have enough cards and coins to upgrade a Gizmo to the next level, just tap on that Gizmo in the storage screen and then tap 'Upgrade'.


Upgrading Gizmos reaps the following possible benefits:

  • Reduction in production time
  • Increase in production yield
  • Sometimes both reducing time AND increasing yield!

Be sure to have a look to see which Gizmos best suit your needs, especially during contests! We have tons of awesome Gizmos available to help take your farm to the next level!

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