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What are SLACKERS and WORKERS? How do I get them and how do I use them?

When a Worker shows up at your Bus Stop, tap on them to bring up the Worker screen. You will need to satisfy all of their Job requirements in order to keep them happy and convince them to join your Farm's Population! 

You have several options once you've finished a Worker's tasks. Tap the Contraption icon to put them to work in their designated job, the Slacker icon to leave them hanging out on your Farm, or give them the Boot to send them on their way and earn a thank you reward in return.

1. Contraptions 

Each Worker has a specified Contraption that they're happy to work in: Mill, Bakery, Pasture, and Dairy. Tapping on the Contraption icon will bring you to the specified Contraption and put them right to work if you have an empty slot. Tapping on a Worker will bring up the "Manage Workers" screen, giving you the option to make them a Slacker, giving them the Boot, or Swapping them out with a Slacker on your Farm.

2. Repeaters and Weedsmiths

When a Worker hangs out on your farm having a good toke, they aren't exactly working! They're a Slacker! But even though they're slacking off, that doesn't mean they're just hanging around for free. Slackers fit into one of two categories: Repeaters and Weedsmiths.

Repeaters are Slackers that provide a specific kind of resource over a set amount of time. Tap on a Slacker with a smoke cloud over their head to collect whatever they are repeating.

Weedsmiths are Slackers that will provide a resource or item that you may need in exchange for buds or products. Tap on a Weedsmith to see what they require and watch them work! Come back after their timer has expired and collect the goods you've been waiting for!

3. Worker Rarity

Each Worker has a rarity that is indicated by the number of stars and the following labels in ascending order, which just so happen to be colour coded:

COMMON (1) > UNCOMMON (2) > RARE (3) > EPIC (4) > LEGENDARY (5)

The better the rarity, the better yields from the Worker - higher XP and higher rewards!

All Workers can be found at the Bus Stop, although Legendary Workers that were available as an Emerald tier reward in Karma Contests may take a few months before they become available in Chronic Crates or Ganja Chests and show up at the Bus Stop.

You'll need to increase your Slacker capacity if you want to have multiple Repeaters and Weedsmiths on your Farm. Do this by completing more Bus Stop Worker jobs to increase your Farm's Population -OR- buy Slacker Capacity! 

For every Worker you choose to help, you'll see a little green Population bar fill up. Once you fill the bar all the way up, you'll increase your Slacker Capacity! You can also buy Slacker Capacity if you so choose! You can do this by either visiting your Population Sign or tapping on a Worker/Slacker when your Slacker Capacity is full. Tap on the Speed Up icon to spend Pot Bucks and increase the amount of Slackers you can have on your farm.

For now, you can upgrade to have as many as 13 Slackers on your Farm, but we're always keen to add more in the future!

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