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How do I change my GRAPHICS SETTINGS?

Experiencing lag in your game? Are things looking a bit funky? No worries! Grass Roots comes equipped with feature that allows you to toggle the game's graphics settings. If you find the game lags or runs a bit slow, this should help your game run more smoothly. Here's how to use it! :)

Tap on the "Phone" menu, and then tap the "Gear" button to get to the Settings screen. From here, you should see a big switch titled "Graphics Settings" - if it's set to FAST, your game might look a little fuzzier, but it should run much quicker, and if it's set to HIGH, your game will look smoother but might run a little slower. I'd strongly recommend trying both out to see which works better for your device.

*Note* - Each time you switch from one setting to another, the game will need to reload to change settings. If this is your first time making the change, this might take up to a minute or two, so we recommend doing it while using a solid WiFi connection.

We really hope this feature helps to improve your game experience! Please let us know your feedback on it!!!