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What is the Ganja Garage for? How do I use the Vehicles?

The Garage (located in the lower-right area of your farm) allows you to rent different vehicles for a limited time to replace your van, and each of these vehicles adds a different bonus when performing jobs on the Job Board. If you tap into the Garage, you should currently see three available options:

Vee Dub

  • Rents for Coins
  • Rental lasts 6 hours
  • Rewards double XP


  • Rents for Potbucks
  • Rental lasts 24 hours
  • Rewards double coins


  • Rents for real-world currency
  • Rental lasts 72 hours
  • Rewards double XP AND double coins!

Once you’ve rented a vehicle, the timer starts right away, and you’ll notice the applied bonus when you a rented vehicle to deliver a job from the Job Board! 

When the timer for your vehicle runs out, it’ll switch back to your Van and you’ll get a message listing all of the dank bonuses you received!e!