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I lost my farm/How do I transfer my farm to a NEW or FACTORY RESET device?

Don't worry! No matter what happens, we always keep your game data safe and stored on our servers. :)

You can definitely transfer your current Pot Farm: Grass Roots account over to your new or factory reset phone!

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Make sure you are logged into the Facebook account that your first Device is connected to.

2. Open up Pot Farm: Grass Roots.

3. To link, go to Budbook (You may have to play through the tutorial again to get to Budbook) and a message will pop up saying there is already an account linked to your Facebook ID.

It will ask which data you want to use, select the "Other" option.

(If you select the 'Current Device" option, it will wipe all your past progress and you will start from the very beginning of the Game again.)

This should then connect you back to your original account just as it was on your old device!


If you did not connect your game to Facebook, you are unable to access your existing account, or if you run into any troubles with this process, please submit a request with your new Device ID and your old farm's level, and we will help you further! :)


Thanks for playing Pot Farm: Grass Roots with us!



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