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I'm having issues with WATCHING VIDEO ADS!

Oh no! I’m so sorry about your frustration with the video ads! :(

If you find your having consistent trouble with video ads, here are some questions that you can answer to help us:

  • Are you ever able to get pot bucks from the video ads, or do you experience issues every time? When did the issues start happening?
  • At what point in the process do you run into problems? Is it right when you click on the TV? If it’s during then ad, how far in? 
  • Does the game crash at all throughout the progress? If so, what error message do you see?
  • Do you notice any of the ads giving you more trouble the others? If so, which kind? What was displayed in the ad?
  • What is the video ad provider? (this is important! :) - this information is usually displayed just after the video. Some examples are Unity, AdColony, and Vungle)

Please click HERE to contact our Support Team and include as much of the above-listed information so we can help you out! :)

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