What do you need help with?

I'm having troubles signing up for the 420 NEWS!

We're stoked you want to join our 420 News list! Once successfully signed up, you'll be ready to receive awesome updates and sneak peeks at upcoming characters and themes, not to mention 50 Potbucks!

Firstly, did you receive the confirmation email from us after typing in your email address? If not, I'd definitely recommend checking your Junk/Spam folder (And your ALL MAIL folder if you're using GMail) just in case it ended up there.

To help narrow your search, you'll specifically want to look for an email titled "Pot Head Mailing List Confirm Signup". 

Next, did you click the link in the email to verify your sign up? You MUST click the link in the email in order to receive your Potbucks, so this is very important!

To sign up for the newsletter and retrieve your Potbucks, please double-check you’ve followed these steps:

1) Tap the "Sign Up" button in-game
2) Sign up on the web form and input your email address
3) Go to your email inbox and find the confirmation email that was sent, then click on the link included
4) Load up the game and get pot bucks!

Note that clicking the confirmation email link again should show that you've already signed up!

If you’ve gone all the way through these steps and still haven’t received your Potbucks, feel free to get in touch and provide the following info:

a) The email address used to sign up
b) The Device ID# associated with your game

Happy Farming!!