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How do I get (more) WORKERS?

There are a tons of folks that want to come and hang on your Farm!  Some will get placed in Contraptions to produce a product (Workers), while others will relax around your farm waiting for you to tap on them (Slackers). You can bring more people on to your farm by hiring them from the Bus Stop!

If you haven’t already set up your Bus Stop, you will need to be Level 11 or higher to do so.


Just tap on your Bus Stop to start the Upgrade Process!


You can either spend a couple Pot Bucks to get it done right away, or use up some Coins and wait for it -- It only takes a few seconds!


Once you have the Bus Stop set up, random potential workers will show up looking to help out on your Farm. Every worker will ask you to do a task for them before they'll join you.

Once you finish their task, you'll be taken to a screen that will show your Population increase (yay!), and let you know how close you are to unlocking your next Slacker spot. After that, you'll see their Assignment screen; this is where you can choose to put them to work in a Contraption, add them to your farm as a Slacker, or give them the boot and send them on their merry way!

Note: Booting a Worker or Slacker will not decrease your population, even if you boot them right from the Bus Stop!

If you don’t have the specific area/building unlocked for your new bud, don’t worry! Workers are always stopping by, and you never know who might show up next!


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