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How do I gain MASTERY of my plants?

Attaining Mastery (especially Level 5) can be really tough, and requires a fair bit of work and patience in order to achieve.  To build your Mastery, we recommend you focus on planting the strains you wish to master your pot(s) with the best/most upgraded lights and water pumps -- The higher they are upgraded, the more buds you will receive! You'll also need to keep a very close eye on that plant, and ensure you're watering it on time and swatting any spider mites that show up with a vengeance. 

There is always a certain level of chance and luck associated with growing plants (just like real life!), so you might need to try a few times before you grow the best plant possible. Just keep farming!

Overall, here are the most important factors in achieving Mastery:

  • Max plant happiness
  • Fully upgraded water
  • Fully upgraded lights
  • Great timing
  • A little bit of luck

Good luck growing! You'll be a Master in no time.

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