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Hey there farmers! 

One of the many things you can produce on your farm is CHOCOLATE MILK. Here's how to do that! 

Chocolate Milk - Head on over to the Dairy and give your worker 10 Milk, and 10 Choco Chunk to churn out 12 Jars of CHOCOLATE MILK in 10M.

The Dairy building (blue building with white tanks) is unlocked at LVL 18 and produces the following:

  • Butter (1 worker)
  • Ice Cream (2 workers) *unlocked at LVL 26
  • Chocolate Milk (3 workers) *unlocked at LVL 33
  • EVEN MORE Butter (4 workers) *unlocked at LVL 40
  • Banana Split (5 workers) *unlocked at LVL 50

Remember that you will need to perform maintenance on these buildings after you run them a bunch of times! So be prepared for that!


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