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How do I get my DEVICE ID?

If the help that you need involves your specific account (missing purchases, technical issues, crashing, etc.), and is not a general question, then in order to help you out, we will need your Device ID number to look up your account.

There are two different ways to get your Device ID:

  1. In your game, open "Settings" by tapping the phone icon in the bottom right, then the gear button at the top:

    At the bottom of the Settings screen is your ID!

    To copy your ID, double tap the string. This will allow you to paste elsewhere, such as an email to our support team (press and hold or try a double-tap to get a paste option). If your device cannot do this, simply send us a screenshot of your Settings screen!

  2. While your game is loading, on the OPENING SCREEN (of the Van driving on the road), tap multiple times on the vehicle's licence plate. Your Device ID number will pop up in a message window, which you can either TAP and HOLD to copy, or you can send us a screenshot:

Thanks for helping us help you!