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How do I ask other players to WATER my PLANTS? (and vice versa)

Typically, everyone is able to help friends water their plants five times per day.  When you've helped everyone you can, your count will reset the next day.  If you need help watering, you're able to request help from your friends once per day.

Since you have 5, and all your friends have 5, you can help each other out back and forth! :D

Here's how you do it:

  1. Tap on a plant and tap the red exclamation mark at the bottom of the window to "Ask for help".  This will send out a message through Budbook, and allow another player to see your request. Also any player that randomly visits your farm will see the request. Keep in mind you're only able to request one water per day, but multiple friends may potentially see that request and come to help you!

  2. To pay it forward and help a friend water their plant when they've asked for help, just open up Budbook and check your friend list. Next to your friend's name in Budbook, you'll see the water can icon instead of the "Visit" button:

    Just tap it, then navigate to their plant to water it! Remember: You may perform this action up to five times per day.

While you're at it, you can water random players' plants to earn things like XP, Potbucks, or even Guano!  To do this, just head over to Floydslist and tap on an item to visit a player's Dispensary. Once in their dispensary, tap the red X in the top right-hand corner to view their farm. Now you can go inside their grow op and water their plants!

The more friends you have, the more watering help in a day you can get!

Let's all be AWESOME neighbours and share that H2O! 

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