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I did a Survey/Game/Offer and I didn't get my reward?!

Hey there farmer!

I'm so sorry that you're having difficulties obtaining the rewards you tried to claim through one of the offers you took advantage of in-game. 

The free Pot Buck offers are run by an external company called TrialPay. Sometimes, it can take a few minutes for your Pot Bucks to show up. If they aren't showing up at all, it could mean that you didn't fulfill all of the requirements for the offer. For example, some of games you can download require that you play them for a certain amount of time or spend a certain amount of money within them before you are eligible to receive the Pot Bucks. First make sure that you have satisfied all of the requirements of the offer!

If you feel that you have met all the requirements for an offer and still didn't receive your Pot Bucks, however, then you can get into contact with TrialPay directly by tapping the "?" at the top off the offer window :) 

  • Visit the Pot Bucks section of your game by clicking the "+" next to your Pot Bucks
  • Go to the Promos tab
  • Tap on 'Free PotBucks' in order to take yourself to the list of TrialPay offers
  • Once you're on the TrialPay screen, click on the "?" symbol in the top right corner to be taken to a help form that will allow you to e-mail Trialpay to reach out and submit a claim for your in-game currency. 

As a first step, e-mail Trial Pay directly and inform them of the situation, and they should be able to rectify things for you. :)


I've contacted Trial Pay, and still have not heard back from them unfortunately!

Rest assured, we'll do whatever we can to get you your free Pot Bucks! In the event that you've already contacted TrialPay, and you have not heard back from them within 48 hours, please follow this set of instructions so that we can help you out further.

  • Tap the green "+" next to your Pot Buck amount.
  • Tap on the purple "Go" button on FREE Potbucks!
  • This should show the window of all the offers. From here, tap the "?" in the top-right corner.
  • This screen should show all of the completed/viewed offers you've done. Screenshot this page.
  • Send that screenshot to us (at support@potfarmgrassroots.zendesk.com )


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