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Can I play without Internet Connection?

Hey there farmer!

Currently, it is not possible to play Pot Farm: Grass Roots without a connection to either Wi-Fi (recommended) or wireless data (3G, 4G, LTE, etc). 

We totally empathize and appreciate the fact that not all players of Pot Farm: Grass Roots are going to have the strongest internet connection. Right now, many of the core features of the game (like Budbook, Floydslist, and visiting fellow farmers) would not be possible without the use internet, however, and we wouldn't want to make a watered down version of the game that worked offline but was missing so much of what makes it special.

However, we are always investigating ways to make the game available to as many players as possible, and in future, we hope that there might be a solution to the internet connection issue you mention.

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