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How do I get / make Pot Flour?

Hey there farmer!

So cool that you've gotten far enough in the game to start making some resources, and awesome to hear that you want to learn how to make some Pot Flour! We can definitely help you out here and walk you through the steps.

First, we need to make sure it is unlocked for ya! You can first access flour at level 10, when you unlock access to the Mill. If you haven't already, make sure you've reached that level in the game. After the building unlocks, you will need to hire someone to work in it! Cooper is a great, hard-working addition to your farm, and is one of many Mill Workers that can be found at the Bus Stop, so he might as well be the one to help us out.

Like other workers in the game, tap on him and finish up his Tasks by providing him with the required plants and materials, and assign him as a worker to your Mill. You can assign him to your mill by dragging him to the building itself.


Once you have Cooper (or another Mill Worker) in the Mill and ready to work, you will need 9 Homegrown so he can work to turn the plants into 3 Sacks of Flour. If you have those materials already, just tap on the Check Mark and Cooper will get to work and start grinding that down into Flour for you. If you still need more homegrown, make sure to return to your Grow Op where you can plant and grow it quite easily! All in all, the whole process takes 12 Minutes, but you can always speed it up with Pot Bucks if you want.

In general, when looking at your Farm, you can tell your resources are finished when you see a Flour Sack icon on the roof of the Mill that you can tap to collect! The Flour will be added to your Stash to sell on the Job Board or use in the Bakery. 

In future, other workers might show up at your bus stop at the side of the road who are ALSO able to work in the Mill. Depending on how much XP they offer you, you might want to think about replacing Cooper with them! The choice is yours.

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