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Can I Add Friends Without Using Facebook?

Hey there farmer!

We totally understand you wanting more awesome folks to play with. Pot Farm: Grass Roots is definitely more fun when you're able to visit the dispensaries of other people and water their plants!

We've recently added the Following/Followers option - this allows players to add others as friends without having a Facebook connection through Budbook! Currently, farmers are allowed to follow up to 10 other players, but can have unlimited Followers!

To Follow someone, simply visit their Budbook page (either by searching for their Username or finding them via Floydslist) and tap the purple "Follow" button (with a star-banner).

Right now, we are working on other ways that players will be able to add friends from directly within the game. We've heard player suggestions, and are keen to work to implement them!

In the mean time, you'll definitely want to visit http://www.facebook.com/potfarmgrassroots to find other players who are keen on being added on Facebook, as having a friend on Facebook is the primary method of adding them into your "Budbook" within the game!

Enjoy Grass Roots, farmer, and click below to let us know if this article helped! :D


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