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Grow Times for Plants are Too Slow, Man!

Hey there farmer!

I totally understand the desire to see those plants blossom and harvest the dankest weed around. We're players first and foremost, and trust me when I say we're itching to see our operation flourish. 

In general, though, we try to create an in-game experience that replicates the experience of running your own 420-friendly operation, including tending to plants, and managing other areas of the farm while things grow. We want to make things engaging and exciting, but we also want to keep a relaxed, chill pace that lets you check in now and again, and take things slowly.

In general, we are always evaluating grow times and doing our best to keep things fun and exciting, so know that we may make changes to those times in the future. 

For now, keep calm, puff on, and enjoy! Keep in mind you can also use guano to grow your plants instantly! Click the link below to let us know if you found this article helpful.