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How do I make more POT BUCKS?

Pot Bucks can be used for all sorts of useful things like speeding up grow times, automatic upgrades, and more, so they are very valuable and you will want to acquire them as much as possible! There are various ways in which to earn more premium currency in Grass Roots! 

  • Tap the "+" symbol next to your Pot Buck total to access the Store, then scroll down to find options to purchase Pot Bucks for varied prices. OR tap on the Promos tab at the top right as those have extras with purchase, so look for the best value! Remember, these purchases are in real currency.
  • Also in the Promos tab in the Store, there is a FREE POTBUCKS option at the bottom! This will take you to various offers (provided by our partner TrialPay) that you can complete to get more Pot Bucks free of charge. Reminder: some of these offers include visiting external sites and signing up for services that we do not control.

  • You can tap on the TV in the Dispensary to watch a video ad for a Pot Buck reward! You'll be able to watch a few ads per day, once you hit the max you'll be directed to the FREE POTBUCKS page. 

  • Swatting the Spidermites that are crawling on your plants will sometimes give you rare goodies like Pot Bucks! This won't happen often, but squish every one you see and you can earn some extra Bucks here and there.

  • Watering plants for your friends and neighbors can also yield Pot Bucks! Visit another player's farm through Budbook or Floydslist, water their plants, and you may just earn Pot Bucks as a thank you for being such a great neighbor!
  • Lastly, booting a Worker/Slacker from your farm yields Coins, XP, Materials, or even Pot Bucks! 

Good luck on your Pot Buck quest!

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