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Client update 1.20.0

Started rolling out to players on November 28th.

New Features:

  • French and Spanish language options have been added!
    Go to the Phone icon bottom -> Gear icon top right to access Settings, then at the bottom click on the Language button to change your language.
    If you have any feedback on the translations, please email translation@potfarmgrassroots.zendesk.com.
  • Increase to Storage and Stash capacity!
    Max levels for both have been increased to 200, setting your max capacity for Storage to 2,500 and Stash to 9,999!
  • New Offer Wall that lives on the bottom left of your farm! Allows for quicker and easier access to video ads or the offer wall provided by TrialPay.

Please Note:

Users on 1.20.0 will not be able to interact with players on 1.19.0 and vice versa. Please allow a few days for everyone to get on the latest version!

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