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Client update 1.17.1

Started rolling out to users on June 29th.

New Features

  • COMING SOON: Gizmos! Gizmos are decorations that function as repeaters and weedsmiths!
  • COMING SOON: A new event-specific Job Slot to ensure you can work towards your goals in Karma contests and Limited Time Quests.
  • Clear Cache button in Settings - if your game is acting up or you get an error, the first step should be to clear the game cache! You can now quickly and easily do so from in-game instead of in your device settings.

New Content

  • New vehicle: Taxi
  • New decorations
  • New slackers:
    • Tokin Tourist (Guano Weedsmith)
    • Mary Jane (Material Box Weedsmith)
    • Run D.A.B (Mystery Seed Weedsmith)
    • Vivian Danks (Guano Repeater)
    • Pizza Rat (Mystery Seed Repeater)
    • Bong Lumbergh (Mystery Box Repeater)

Bug Fixes

  • Game music could play during video ads
  • XP leaf could stay on screen after collecting from a contraption and switching screens
  • General bug fixes to improve game stability
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